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Raw food diet benefits

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Raw food diet was fRaw-food-pyramidirst introduced in 1830 by the Presbyterian minister Sylvester Graham, who suggested this diet as a cure for the cholera which spread in America at that time. He stated that cholera can be prevented by eating fresh food, not complicated or compounded by culinary practices. In November 1897 Dr. Maximilian Bircher-Benner opened in Zurich the world’s first sanatorium which used raw food diet at treatment. In 1930 the Swiss doctor Paul Kuschoff said, after research, that by eating raw food, unprocessed products or products cooked at low temperatures, the body stops producing white blood cells. White cells or leukocytes are the natural response of the immune system to the action of various external factors on the body: trauma, infection, contact with toxic products, etc.


What is a raw food diet?

Eating fresh vegetables, fruits and seeds gives the body the necessary enzymes to get the metabolism moving. This enzymes are responsible for various biochemical reactions in the body such as the extraction of nutrients from the food we eat, removing toxic substances from the body, breaking down fat and the metabolism of proteins and starch. Any food treatment, by heating it or by adding chemical additives or preservatives, completely destroys enzymes, thus the food is only partially digested, allowing bacteria to break down proteins and produce health disorders.

In a raw food died you will eat raw vegetables, raw or dried fruits, nuts, seeds (unsalted and unroasted), cereal germs, eggs, grain, natural cheese, fish and unprocessed meat. A balanced diet involves eating 80% fruits, 10-20% green vegetables and 5% seeds or nuts.


There are 4 types of raw food diets:

Raw vegetarianism – Almost everything has to be raw and the only animal products accepted are eggs and dairy products.

Raw veganism – The majority of the products are not heated and no animal product accepted.

Raw omnivore – Unprocessed animal products or vegetables

Raw carnivores – Only raw meat.


Following a raw diet, the body will undergo a detoxification process which brings several side effects such as: headaches, drowsiness, the appearance of hives or rashes.

Critics warn people adopting the raw food diet 100% about that the toxins existing in some raw vegetables such as buckwheat which induces an increased risk of photosensitivity or the appearance of red spots on the skin, and the possibility of contamination by various viruses, parasites or bacteria found in unprocessed milk or meat. Moreover, strict diets may lead to deficiencies in calcium, vitamin B12, proteins and calories due to the reduced quantities found in the food consumed.

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