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Best high protein meals

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ProteinsA high protein diet is understood by most of us as explained by diets guru Robert Atkins. It is Atkins, who invented a simple thing: meat, meat, meat and, in the first 14 days of the diet, a combination permitted only with yogurt. The result? 5 kg down in just two weeks.

Most dieticians that recommend Atkins diet say the following. In the first two weeks of meat and only meat and possibly a yogurt,  I promise you drop 5 kg in a month. Spectacular until here.

I only eat meat, which looks delicious, and a yogurt didn’t kill anyone, even if I’m not crazy about this product. Those who have tried this diet, after 3 days, were dreaming of anything but meat. Hated juicy roast pork, baked chicken seemed hateful and simmered mutton demolished any culinary initiative. Why?

Because we are all made ​​to love food diversity and this diversity just keeps us normal physiological and healthy. Thus a high protein diet invented even by someone with a strong name, quickly becomes a chore. You cannot turn overnight into carnivores, no matter how much willpower you have. Secondly, when you eat meat bile secretion including bile acids drain in the digestive flow.  But if the second and third meal of the day you eating all meat, bile acids secreted in excess reach and remain in the colon. We know very little about cancer, but we sure know that bile acids secreted by your body in excess causes the dreaded colon cancer. And with that said, we can conclude. During the high protein diets, the body makes an exaggerated effort to digest proteins. In this superhuman effort it consumes ingested calories, actually consuming more than it receives and thus the body loses weight. But beware!

Once you stop this diet, any carbohydrate you ingest will be turned into fat and thus the  yo yo effect appears. This effect translates as – you eat less, you get fat by losing precious muscle mass that keeps you slim and gain body fat. So, the weight loss caused by high proteins ​​is short term, it is false, and it is disastrous for all metabolic systems of the body.

So if you want to lose weight without exercising much as it would be healthy, at least follow high protein diets built upon a healthy variety.

We gave up meat-based protein diet and possibly a yogurt, and so that we focus on high protein menus, but once a day and rationally combined with diverse foods, but in small quantities. Proteins contain 20 sequences, called amino acids, of which 8 are called essential amino acids.

Essential amino acids exist only in meat, cheese, eggs. Another part of the amino acids can be found in beans, peas, chickpeas, lentils, and the grain shell. It is yet another reason why it would be advisable to eat whole grains rather than white bread all the day.

Beans and grain

“The combination of wholemeal grains represented by wholemeal bread and beans or peas causes the body to make a complete protein, like animal protein, only from vegetarian ingredients.

It is the only combination of wholemeal bread and other food that is not fattening, even if it brings along carbohydrates intake. Other examples? Eating peas with bread, baked beans with wholemeal bread, wholemeal pasta with red beans and corn, chickpeas cooked with sesame, tomato paste and garlic.

Meat and cabbage

Another combination of high protein meal id made by an oven baked meat plus a Rocket salad or fresh coleslaw or sauerkraut. It’s still a high protein meal, and combined with cruciferous (cabbage, rocket salad (arugula), broccoli, cauliflower, mustard, turnip), it blocks the possible harmful effects of meat. In addition, vegetables balance the whole body.

Do not consume excessive amounts of meat thinking that you’ll take a few drugs that facilitate digestion. The drugs in question, found in any pharmacy, represent enzymes that contain all … protein.

Mashed cheese with vegetables

An ideal meal for both breakfast and dinner is represented by cheese. It can be combined with a small slice of wholemeal bread. The cheese is mixed with fresh or dried dill, parsley, oregano, thyme, to taste.

Best cheese is this particular case is ricotta high protein but easily digestible, and colon protective. Combine with a little butter and dill and is delicious. Feeds and slims you at the same time.

Eggs an Lettuce

Cooked in a thick pan, without oil or fat eggs are combined with lettuce drizzled with vinegar and a little oil. These high protein meals are consumed at lunch, the rest days eat a fruit at 10 AM and one at 4 PM.

In the morning eat slow carbohydrates (whole grains, dried fruits), and dairy because they have a low glycemic index, and in the evening just natural yoghurt. In this way you will lose weight about 4 kilograms a month, and, most importantly, no yo yo effect will occur later.

Stay Healthy!

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