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Top five toxic foods for our body

18 February 2010 Email This Post Email This Post Print This Post Print This Post

PotatochipsGenerally toxic food is also very tasty because it contains all the necessary additives, flavors and food colorants needed to stimulate pleasure when eaten. In order to stimulate consumption certain substances were added to the food to indirectly create dependence. For example the substances could stimulate endorphins and serotonin s secretion, hormones that make us feel good and happy, so we tend to consume more often these foods without being aware of this issue. Many of these foods are consumed every day, especially by people who live in the cities.

Salami and Sausages are eaten at breakfast by most people. Although they have an irresistible aroma and a pleasant taste, salami and sausages contain many additives, food colorants that keep the fresh meat color for a long time and many other substances which give them an irresistible aroma. All these chemicals are just affecting our body and increasing the risk for cancer, digestive disorders and other diseases.

Margarine, which is not even a dairy product, is produced by gathering various vegetable oil, heating them to high temperatures and the chilling the mixture to solidify it and working it to improve the texture. Margarine contains trans fats which are very difficult to convert into energy by the body. More often such fatty acids lead to high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels and other more serious diseases like cancer. Although since the mid 1990s many companies started to move away from partially hydrogenated oils and starting 2003 they labeled their products “0g” trans-fat, no fat is entirely free of trans fats

French fries are also very bad for your health. The combination of fats with carbohydrates (starch) isn’t adequate because it’s disturbing the metabolism and leads to weight gain and also illness. Fried foods are like poison for the body especially because of oils (fats) modified by heat. Hot oil produces potential carcinogens and substances that present a risk for other diseases like cardiovascular diseases or obesity.

Processed cheese is very delicious but contains a lot of unhealthy fat. Processed cheese is obtained by combining low quality fat dairy and adding food colorings, flavors and some additives. It is recommended to eat cheese as it is, possibly a home mix with dill and other spices to taste.

Natural juice obtained at home does wonders for your health. But those found in supermarkets have nothing to do with the fruit itself except in a small amount for those labeled “natural”. The ones found in the supermarkets are usually a tasty combination of toxins made of water, lots of carbohydrates,  food colorings, flavors and preservatives. The problem is that these toxins stimulate the thirst center after ingestion causing consumers to drink even more in order to appease thirst. This increases the predisposition to kidney stone and many other conditions.

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  • Ashley Martinez said:

    you can avoid kidney stones by drinking lots of liquid.:::

  • Glass Coffee Table said:

    i am staying away from high sodium diets cause it can cause kidney stones and other bad effects ;`:

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